Meet the Team



Robert Covino


Robert is that rare combination of someone who is excited just as much to “think big” as what he is in “following through” to deliver refreshingly unique perspectives and outcomes.

Robert started his career at IBM’s Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), developing a foundational understanding of statistics, data mining and data science. In moving to Australia, Robert joined PwC’s management consulting team which provided him invaluable exposure to a variety of industries and learning opportunities. One such opportunity presented itself in the aged care sector, and the rest is history as Robert and James went on to co-found Mirus Australia. Mirus has grown from 2 to 50 employees over the last 11 years and currently serves over a quarter of the aged care industry with over 76,000 beds under management and over 5 billion dollars in revenue funding on behalf of their clients. You can read further details of this phenomenal growth journey here.

Robert currently leads much of Mirus’ thought leadership efforts, and in parallel provides his expert opinion to not only aged care facilities and bodies via strategic and operational insights but also the broader aged care sector.