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Lemma FX's team has data and innovation at its core.

Having worked in and solved for many problems in the aged care and technology sectors, we are now seeking to apply our learnings and experiences for the benefit of those in emerging and frontier countries through strengthening their currency markets.

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Our vision

Impact equality for everyone

Our purpose

With everything we do, we aim to enable positive impacts in developing countries

Our values

/ Defining impact and redefining capitalism

/ Being a pioneer - not waiting for others; shaping it today

/ Data driving a difference for people and the planet

What we want to achieve by 2031 - our goals

Outcomes and value perspective

We can confidently define and experience impact, and communicate this value to anyone from our neighbor through to multinational organizations

Community perspective

We ensure the intended beneficiaries of impact investing - individuals, families, communities and the planet - do actually benefit

Ecosystem perspective

We work in measured partnership with others developing a flourishing FX ecosystem, and build the strongest foundation possible from which future generations will thrive

Lemma FX perspective

We have the people, process and technological capabilities to fuel this impact revolution in both local and global contexts

Our outcomes

/ Stronger FX markets - participants experience the relevant benefits of developed country markets

/ Greater ecosystem trust - participants build for the future, without concern for excessive irrationalities

/ Stronger communities - participants and the planet thrive, and continue to thrive, with data informed nourishment

The value our collective efforts create

/ Faster developing country economic growth via low FX volatility

/ Greater equity for those in need who so often suffer from FX volatility

/ Greater conditions for development banks and other peer-to-peer lenders

Our deliverables

/ Measuring impact in the FX ecosystem

/ Building and developing the FX market

/ Advocating for participants

/ Leadership of the FX ecosystem

Our strategies and policies

Under development, and forthcoming

How our collective impact efforts link to critical frameworks

Operating Principles for Impact Management

/ Publishing annual Disclosure Statements

/ Sharing Disclosure Statements online

/ Providing regular independent verification (Principle 9)

Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council

/ Transparency of the integration of sustainability risks (Article 6)

/ Transparency of the promotion of environmental or social characteristics in pre‐contractual disclosures (Article 8)

/ Transparency of sustainable investments in pre‐contractual disclosures (Article 9)

/ Transparency of the promotion of environmental or social characteristics and of sustainable investments on websites (Article 10)

/ Transparency of the promotion of environmental or social characteristics and of sustainable investments in periodic reports (Article 11)

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Impact investment verification utilizes ESG metrics and methodologies to holistically assess whether impact intention and measurement yielded the expected outcomes

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