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Clients of Lemma FX are aware that some parts of the world are much less developed than others, and that the strength of currency markets of these countries can have a profound impact on the day-to-day lives of individuals and communities therein. They recognise that currencies have a significant impact on every person and organisation within the country - governments, companies, not-for-profits, the rich and poor - and that whilst during good times none of these groups may be adversely impacted, the bad times can be devastating for the poor. Strong currency markets, where there is increased liquidity and reduced risk premia, during both downturns and upturns will assist all market participants in their aspiration to realise the promises enshrined - but so rarely seen - in impact investment intentions.

At Lemma FX, we seek to partner with organisations of all types in understanding their FX impact in emerging and frontier countries.


Meet your current or upcoming duties in displaying not only impact intention, but also impact measurement.

Asset Managers

Explore a wide range of additional investment options, where you can obtain a social return and adequate financial market return.

Risk Managers

Understand the risk and return of investments in emerging market and developing economies before or after committing to a transaction.

Compliance Officers

Ensure all ongoing requirements are met and exceeded, whether in relation to your clients, regulators, accounting bodies or any other party.

Reporting Teams

Timely and pertinent investment impact details at both a product and group level, ensuring the organisation is aware of its ongoing impact.

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