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A Short History



2009 - James, Robert and Paul meet in Sydney’s PwC Management Consulting team

Despite a difficult time for management consulting globally following the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, James, Robert and Paul and the broader consulting team pioneered and delivered a market leading aged care offering, fueled by data, benchmarking and a deep understanding of the methodology behind the federal government’s new aged care funding instrument.

2010 - James and Robert launch and grow Mirus Australia

On the back of the success of the above offering, James and Robert co-found Mirus Australia which has gone on to be one of the leading aged care consultancies in APAC. Mirus has since grown from 2 to 50 employees over the last 11 years and currently serves over a quarter of the aged care industry with over 76,000 beds under management and over 5 billion dollars in revenue funding on behalf of their clients (details here).

2013 - Paul launches into Google Australia, then Google New York

Further to his experiences at PwC and leading Groupon Australia’s 30-person editorial team, he continues to follow his technology passion by commencing a role at Google. It is here that we starts to understand the data disciplined approach that Google takes to now only its own organisation, but also building analytical products for its millions of app and website publishers and advertisers. A lesson in data, at serious scale.

2017 - Kick-off in Khayelitsha (South Africa)

Andreas and Paul travel to Khayelitsha as part of their postgraduate university program, and hear first hand experiences from the beautiful people in this township of the difficulties they face in light of the South African Rand’s volatility. They start to discuss learnings from the aged care and technology industries and how this might be applied in a very new context.

2018 - Building impactful portfolios

Andreas starts to more deeply consider investment portfolios and how portfolio managers can start to think about matching impact and financial goals with intentions and constraints, which culminates in a co-authored paper here which is presented at the 2018 World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting. Andreas and Paul start to discuss how the financial services industry might shift from thinking about impact to measuring impact.

Lemma FX

2021 - Bridging everyone together

Upon a forecast that the environment was right for truly impactful investment to shortly commence in the currency markets of emerging and frontier markets, Paul connected Andreas with James, Robert and Bret to start thinking even further about how to scale this impact concept. They arrived at a shared view that an approach similar to what they had experienced in the aged care and technology industries could be scaled even further.

2021 - Lemma FX begins!

Incorporates in Australia.

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